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The best language teachers are already dead

Short stories of world-famous authors we have turned into language courses for advanced learners to train listening comprehension and speaking skills.

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Short stories of world-famous authors

Who better to show you the magic of a language than the greatest, most virtuous authors? Our “classics” range builds its language courses on short stories by world-famous authors. You will listen to the stories in their original form and work on your language skills with exercises based on these stories. This way you can combine enjoying great literature with advancing your language skills.

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For advanced learners and those wanting to brush-up their skills

The language courses are tailored to advanced learners. They contain the story as an audio book with subtitles, the text with vocabulary and annotations, and many interactive exercises. Apart from exercises that are directly connected to the stories, mainly exercises for listening comprehension and active speaking are offered. So, it’s not just about learning new things, but also refreshing what you already know and remembering it.


Language app



• Audio book


• The text of the story
• Selected vocabulary with translations according to your language level
• Editorial annotations concerning certain terms and the old use of language


• Exercises to make use of your language skills
• Differentiated evaluation of your language level by page, exercise, chapter and in total


Emphasis on flexibility, easy handling and relevant topics when learning:
• Solving tasks via speech recognition
• Tasks with audio
• Read aloud
• Assigning texts / pictures
• Word context
• Finding errors / Correcting texts
• Fill-in-the-blanks texts


• Vocabulary trainer

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Speech recognition for the next release is in the works.

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